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Green Workplace Checklist Template


Used to help your office stay fresh and green.


Using plants to promote a clean and green office

  • Promote the use of personal plants for employees
  • Add larger plants to outdoor decks
  • Open blinds on sunny days to encourage plant growth
  • Water all plants regularly

Food and Well-being

Food and Wellbeing use for a green office

  • Encourage staff to use the stairs instead of the elevator and to take walks on breaks
  • Offer reusable plates for lunch and snack purposes to prevent paper and plastic waste
  • Use cleaning supplies that are Green Seal Certified
  • Do no provide bottled water but do provide filtered water
  • Offer healthy snacks like fruit
  • Offer fair trade coffee

Office Materials

Task list

  • Offer recycling for all paper materials
  • Dispose of any electronic materials through Environmental Health and Safety programs
  • Use rechargeable batteries throughout the office
  • Order printing paper that was created from recycled materials


Travelling Tips for keeping a Green Office

  • Encourage employees to use public transit or to car pool even if it means getting to work 15 minutes later.
  • If company vehicles are used, consider getting fuel efficiant vehicles.