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International Travel Checklist Template

Travel Necessities

Helps plans for international travel.

Know Your Destination

  • Check on weather and other events in the area
  • Check the exchange rates, money management and ATM fees
  • Read up on local laws and requirements
  • Learn about local customs

Health Issues

  • Vaccinations
  • Medications
  • Travel insurance and medical coverage

Organize Documents

  • Passport/ID
  • Visa, if required
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Custody Documents if you are travelling alone with a child
  • Travel Insurance Documents
  • Money/ Debit/ Credit cards
  • Location of nearest US embassy
  • Medical Documents
  • Copies of all Documents
  • Downloads of Digital Files

Cover your Home Base while Away

  • Hold your mail
  • Get a house sitter or pet sitter if needed
  • Tell your family / friends how to get in touch with you

Pack Your Stuff

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Vitamins, medications, contacts, glasses
  • Gear
  • Digital devices and chargers
  • Maps