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RV Departure Checklist Template

Travel Necessities

Used to help RV owners get ready to leave on a trip.


  • Items stored
  • Cupboard doors closed
  • Ceiling vents closed
  • Windows closed
  • TV / satellite dish down
  • TV antenna down
  • Refrigerator items secure
  • Refrigerator power selected
  • Water pump turned off
  • Slide rooms in and secured
  • Interior doors secured
  • Turn off water heater / furnace / air conditioner
  • Discard all trash

Passenger Area

  • Drink / coffee cups filled
  • Seat belts located
  • Note mileage in camping journal
  • Music / radio ready
  • Maps, route or GPS ready
  • Kids games, books, music, videos, and snacks ready
  • Cell phone charged and easy to reach
  • All keys accounted for
  • Sunglasses
  • Tissues
  • Pets walked and happy


  • Drain holding tanks
  • Check fresh water tank level
  • Power, water, sewer, cable all unplugged from RV's propane
  • Range vent secured
  • Outside storage bay door secured / locked raise leveling jacks
  • Remove wheel blocks
  • Windshields cleaned
  • Tire pressure checked
  • Fluid Levels checked
  • Entry steps stowed

At Departure

  • Safety inspection: turn signals, brakes, headlights
  • RV walk around to check windows, slide rooms, roof antennas / vents, steps, tow vehicle, hitch inspection, safety inspection site for left items, litter